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Jan 20 2017

It’s a New World for Environmental Compliance

Offering of $ Millions in Potential Savings to Texas Industry via Over-Compliance Auditing Tool

(Houston) – January 20, 2017

Thousands of requirements means hundreds of chances to over-comply with environmental laws.  Such was the reasoning and basis for a Texas law firm’s creation of a proprietary auditing tool to help companies reduce the costs and legal liabilities associated with over-compliance.

“We believe this tool can help save Texas industry millions of dollars–and help re-focus limited company resources on more results-oriented environmental improvements,” said Jed Anderson, a lead attorney with the AL Law Group.

OCELA - dataHow does the Audit Tool Work?

The AL Law Group’s new 21st century approach to environmental services includes legal, technical consulting, and government relations expertise (www.allawgp.com).  This multidisciplinary team first meets with the client and invokes statutory and common law legal privileges to help protect the audit.  The multidisciplinary team then utilizes a proprietary software program, created by PDC Corp., to help the team identify, analyze, and manage over-compliance situations.

What is “Over-compliance?”

Over-compliance refers to activities, programs or commitments to regulatory agencies that purport to be necessary for complying with an applicable rule or environmental permit, but instead, upon further analysis, exceed such requirements in ways that do not offer commensurate environmental and financial value.  Besides being a drain on a company’s compliance resources, over-compliance can create unnecessary risks due to the excessive obligations that they impose.

Specifically, the AL Law Group:

  • Uploads client’s regulatory requirements and permits into PDC Corp’s BizPro Web Portal for analysis and derivation of compliance tasks utilizing an extensive built-in task library;
  • Uses custom BizPro features and AL Law’s proprietary techniques to explore opportunities for meeting compliance requirements at a lower cost by:
    • Identifying redundancies and over-laps that can be simplified or streamlined
    • Identifying opportunities to improve efficiency, such as by utilizing data collected in plant databases and historians
    • Identifying legal or technical interpretations that have changed or should change
    • Identifying potential authorization improvements by comparing against publicly available permitting requirements for similar equipment and processes
    • Enabling effective, low-cost change management solutions that update compliance tasks when due to modifications in rules, permits, and plant equipment
    • Developing and working with clients to deploy compliance assurance and cost-saving measures.

New World of Opportunity

“It is a world of opportunity”, said Anderson.  “There are new political and social realizations that regulations can sometimes be so complex and opaque that they detract from results-oriented environmental improvements.  Not only is this true at the level that environmental requirements are promulgated by the government, but also at the level these requirements are being interpreted and implemented by industry.  The AL Law Group’s over-compliance auditing tool gives industry a tool that they can start using tomorrow to help address over-compliance and inefficiencies, and thereby potentially save millions of dollars that can be re-directed toward more results-oriented environmental and operational improvements.”

More information on OCELA is available at http://www.allawgp.com/legal-products/ocela/.

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