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May 01 2017

Letters Supporting TCEQ Commissioner Candidate Anderson’s Efforts to Simplify and Improve the Regulatory System

(Houston) – May 1, 2017

Letters from then sitting Mayor Bill White and TCEQ Chairman Kathleen Hartnett White to Congressman Barton in support of TCEQ Commissioner Candidate Jed Anderson’s efforts to simplify and improve the air quality regulatory system (see Mayor White Letter and TCEQ Chairman White Letter).

A reporter recently said:

“Wow . . . those are about as polar opposite sides of the political spectrum as you can get in support of this effort.”

White photo


Anderson said, “It’s not shocking.  We all want the same thing . . . and we all know we can have it.  Cleaner air at less cost and with less administrative rigmarole.  Not only possible.  Inevitable.”

For more information on Anderson’s TCEQ Commissioner candidacy and efforts to simplify the regulatory system to improve the environment and economy, see the following articles in TexasEcoNews:


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