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Jul 11 2017

Industry “Upsets”: Protecting Our Clients

(Houston) – July 11, 2017

Lawsuits, NOVs, 114 Letters . . . we protect and defend our clients.









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Upsets can trigger legal exposure.  We are legal experts.

From the initial occurrence of an “upset”, to a potential agreed order or court judgment, we use our legal expertise to help you minimize cost and legal exposure, address any problems, and get this behind you as quickly and early in the process as possible.

  • STEERs reporting
  • Agency responses
  • NOVs/NOEs
  • Agreed Orders
  • Civil litigation from environment interest groups
  • 114 letters
  • Personal or corporate criminal prosecution
  • Press releases

Next time you have an emission event . . .  give us a call.

Or if you are already in a potential enforcement situation . . . give us a call.  There are significant advantages to using legal expertise in conjunction with EHS staff and consultants early in the process–especially since these actions essentially are the beginnings of legal proceedings.  We’ve made it affordable.  We’ve made it cost-effective.  We represent Fortune 100 down to the smallest companies on these matters because of our high-quality expertise and unique 21st century approach to environmental services.  Give us a call.

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