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Aug 13 2018

The next generation environmental practitioner—-“CERES”

Texas law firm creates the “next generation environmental practitioner”—CERES

Former CEO of international IPP says . . . “This will fundamentally change the environmental profession.”

(Houston) – August 13, 2018

Ceres is a tool for the next generation environmental practitioner.  The launch date for CERES Phase 1 is August 20th.  Ceres uses big data, artificial intelligence and the subject matter expertise of the AL Law Group to deliver new insights on environmental matters.


“It’s a game changer”. . . says former CEO of one of the world’s largest IPPs

A former CEO of one of the largest international independent power producers said, “It’s a game changer.  This will fundamentally change the environmental profession.  The value proposition to companies from an EHS perspective is undeniable.”

Jed Anderson, the creator of Ceres said, “My goal for the last 15 years has been to make environmental simple.  For years I’ve tried selling simplicity as an ideal.  I re-wrote the Clean Air Act.  I wrote a book.  I wrote thousands of emails, letters, and articles.  My success selling simplicity as an ideal was marginal—at least judging on the surface.  But then I had an epiphany.  People do not buy ideals.  People buy products.  Make a product that makes things simple and the ideal will fly off the shelf, not as the ideal, but as a product.  It’s got nothing to do with the ideal.  It’s got nothing to do with the idealist.  People want products that make their lives simpler and better—and in turn thing gets simpler and better.  It’s the simplest way to make things simple.”


CERES - v2


Innovation is making simplicity possible.  More knowledge.  Faster knowledge.  More power.

Ceres helps simplify environmental compliance—providing more knowledge, faster knowledge, and more power by taking advantage of innovations in data analytics.  Ceres brings environmental legal data together with environmental technical data in a big-data environmental cloud.  Ceres then analyzes and organizes the data–evolving through the use of natural language processing, deep-learning, and other leading-edge artificial intelligence applications to deliver new insights on environmental matters.  It should be noted that Ceres is not a software program.  For one, Ceres will get bigger and more powerful on its own as it collects and analyzes more data.  It should also be noted that Ceres is not designed to replace the environmental practitioner, but make each environmental practitioner better, faster, and more powerful.


Ceres will do certain environmental practitioner tasks better, faster, and cheaper 

“Companies really have no choice but to use Ceres”, said Anderson.  Ceres will do certain environmental practitioner tasks better, faster, and cheaper.  Anderson said that one of his tasks for example will go from 20 hours to about 20 minutes.  Companies choosing not to use the product will be at a competitive disadvantage.  Fortune 100 and other companies are calling.  Anderson smilingly said, “If you don’t believe us, we will show you.  And if you don’t ask to be shown, don’t count on your competitors telling you about it.”

It’s a brave new world.
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