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Jan 15 2018

1st Person in History to Re-write the U.S. Clean Air Act

(Houston) – January 15, 2018


Jed Anderson of the AL Law Group has re-written the U.S Clean Air Act.


“People kept telling me it was impossible, . . . so I did it myself.”


first to re-write clean air act

Anderson was told by Congressional leaders and others that a simplified and improved Clean Air Act, though likely the best course of action to realize further economic and environmental gains in the United States, could never happen.  It was impossible.

“When Congressional leaders and other said this, I just smiled to myself”, said Anderson.  “The reason is that if they looked around the room they would see that everything was at one point impossible.  Cell phone.  Paper.  Zipper.   All impossible.”  Anderson continued, “The fact is that impossibility is a mental condition.  The materials that go into a cell phone for example were in the ground ten thousand years ago.  The Mesopotamians could have had them if they had mentally prepared themselves for such a reality.”

Anderson’s re-write of the U.S. Clean Air Act simplifies and modernizes the Act–removing the need for approximately 75% of regulation while improving air quality.

For a summary of the “Clean Air Act of 2018”, click here.  For a powerpoint presentation, click here.  For the draft legislative text, click here.

Jed Anderson is a principal attorney with the AL Law Group–and a former attorney with Baker Botts and Vinson & Elkins and an Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Houston Law School where he taught the Clean Air Act.  In addition to his legal practice, Mr. Anderson has become a national leader over the past 15 years and a hub for Clean Air Act reform efforts–writing articles, gathering people and ideas, speaking across the country, writing a book, helping to lead national efforts to transform the Act, and even himself re-writing the Act (for more information, see www.cleanairreform.org).    


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