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Apr 27 2016

Audience Reacts to Environmental Over-Compliance Presentation . . . “Eye-Opening”

Jed TAEP PhotoHouston, Texas – April 27, 2016

Jed Anderson of the AL Law Group spoke to the Texas Environmental Professionals Association on how environmental over-compliance is costing Texas industry millions of dollars.

After hearing the presentation one attendee exclaimed,“Eye-opening”.  Another attendee reacted,“Until the presentation I did not realize the gravity of this matter and the implicated costs.”


The AL Law Group’s ground-breaking OCELA service (“Over-Compliance Environmental Legal Assessment Service”) is designed to show companies where over-compliance is occurring, and then address these problems to save companies money, reduce liability, and allow for reinvestment in more productive environmental protection efforts.

“The power of simplification in environmental compliance is untapped,” said Anderson. “The AL Law Group is unleashing this power.”  “We are removing unnecessary burdens from our client’s shoulders, simplifying their lives, and freeing them to do more great work.  It’s simply been a win-win-win for companies, ourselves, and the environment.”

More information on OCELA is available at http://www.allawgp.com/legal-products/ocela.  The presentation is available at:  TAEP 2016 Presentation – Jed Anderson.

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