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May 15 2017

Anderson Prepping: Watershed Moment in TCEQ History Now Less than 30 Days Away

Decision to begin decreasing rather than increasing the complexity and size of the Texas environmental regulatory system is now less than 30 days away

(Houston) – May 15, 2017

TCEQ rules have always increased in size and complexity.

That trend could soon change.

A watershed moment in TCEQ history is now less than 30 days away.  It could be the first moment in Texas history that complicated environmental regulations begin to decrease rather than increase.

TCEQ Commissioners

TCEQ Commissioner Candidate Jed Anderson filed a petition for rule making on April 10th (see Petition).  The petition creates a process whereby the environmental regulatory system would begin to be systematically simplified for the benefit of the environment, citizens, and businesses of Texas.  The Commission will make a decision on the petition by June 9th.  The likely Commissioner Agenda date will be June 7th.

“I will be there”, said Anderson.  “And I’m hoping people keep sending me their regulatory simplification ideas as I prepare for this.  Some of the ideas I’m getting are incredible.  Mark Twain once said that ‘thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered–either by themselves or by others’, but I’m finding them.  And they are not the people you would necessarily expect.  Incredible geniuses are out there putting a bushel over their light.  I just keep telling them it’s not their light–so stop putting their bushel over it.”

Anderson said, “I’m just loving the fact that so many people are feeling like they are part of this effort.”  “They seem to be coming off the sidelines.  It’s like they are the 12th man in football . . . like they are the 4th commissioner,” Anderson smiled.    “I think people in this business just know the environmental and economic benefits that are sure to come with a push for simplicity—and it’s contagious.”

“With simplicity will come better transparency.  With transparency will come better accountability.  The more simple things are, the more everyone understands them.  The more everyone understands them, the better they can comply with them.  It’s that simple.”

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