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Sep 22 2017

Environmental Experts Open Deer Park Office

Region’s Economic Growth Spurring Service Opportunities

(Houston – September 22, 2017)

The AL Law Group is opening an office in Deer Park at the offices of the Economic Alliance Port Region.  Jed Anderson, a founding attorney with the firm said, “We want to be closer and more accessible to the people and facilities we serve.  We want to be a part of the exciting growth occurring in this part of town, and other areas of this great State.  The Deer Park Office is a first step.  Perhaps Midland is next.  Competitors have offices in London and New York.  We’ll be in Deer Park.”

 New Office

(Chad Burke, President of the Economic Alliance and Jed Anderson of the AL Law Group)

The AL Law Group is an innovative environmental solutions firm.  The firm is a derivative of lawyers from firms such as Baker Botts and Vinson & Elkins.  The AL Law Group is a first of its kind in offering a multi-disciplinary team of experts to solve environmental problems.  The firm combines environmental consulting, legal, government relations, and public relations expertise all under one umbrella.  “Environmental is a mix between legal and technical.  We combine skills to offer comprehensive environmental solutions,” said Keith Lapeze, another founding attorney with the firm.  “We also provide traditional environmental legal services, such as litigation, where we’ve had tremendous success for our clients.”


Chad Burke, President of the Economic Alliance, said that the AL Law Group’s environmental expertise will be a significant addition to the community.  “Economic development is expanding dramatically on the east side of town.  The AL Law Group’s physical proximity to this growth, and the firm’s ability to directly serve the people in our region with high-level environmental expertise, will be a great asset to our organization, our members, and others in the area.”

new office 4Anderson said that the office will open October 1st.  With a broad smile Anderson concluded, “We’ve succeeded with making high-level environmental expertise more financially accessible.  Now we want to make it more physical accessible.  We want to be right there for people, beside them, and work with them much more closely than we have in the past.  We want to be neighbors in reality and certainly in kind. Colloquially speaking we want our clients to know that they can ‘come over and borrow a stick of butter’.  During Hurricane Harvey we all learned the power of neighbors.  That’s our aspiration with this endeavor.  Neighbors who solve complicated environmental problems.  High-level experts that can run next store and help our clients move some “environmental furniture” to the 2nd floor, or help muck out the first few feet of “regulatory sheet rock”.  Neighbors with the comprehensive skill sets and attitude to help others find the best, simplest, and most cost-effective environmental solutions.  That’s our aspiration. Neighbors.”


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