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05/12 3:56 pm

In the document obtained by KRIS 6 News, they claim the company has violated the Texas Clean Air Act, Solid Waste Disposal Act and Texas Water Code. In the filing, the TCEQ says that beginning (more…)

05/12 12:57 pm

“For the reasons discussed in the enclosed response, I deny the petition,” EPA Administrator Michael Regan said in an April 21 letter to the Texas Public Policy Foundation … the standard (more…)

05/12 7:46 am

Credit: Courtesy / Alamo Area Council of Governors Under the federal Clean Air Act, a city’s air quality must meet the … told the San Antonio Report that Texas Commission on Environmental (more…)

03/07 1:46 pm

150 Chemical Plants in Texas & Louisiana to Benefit from Machine-Learning in Emergency and Environmental Information Processing—Further Improving Communications and Situational Awareness (more…)

07/22 9:42 am
July 22, 2019 – Houston, Texas

Artificial intelligence has come to Texas on environmental matters.

Ceres Environmental A.I. is a suite of powerful new A.I. tools designed to help companies, (more…)

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08/13 12:28 pm

Texas law firm creates the “next generation environmental practitioner”—CERES

Former CEO of international IPP says . . . “This will fundamentally change the environmental profession.”

(Houston) (more…)

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08/12 8:56 am

CERES - v2
The launch of CERES Phase 1 is August 20th.  CERES uses big data, artificial intelligence, and the subject matter legal and technical expertise of the AL Law Group to deliver new (more…)

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05/03 7:24 am

Launching “CERES”

(Houston) – May 2, 2018 – Letter from the Editor


Artificial intelligence or “AI” is coming to environmental management.  It is no longer “if”.  It’s “when”.




The (more…)

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03/20 2:49 pm

Anderson says Texans will no longer be held responsible for offsetting billions of dollars in foreign pollution impacts under his TCEQ chairmanship

(Houston) – March 20, 2018 – Letter (more…)

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02/27 3:45 pm

Jed Anderson says . . . “I’m running”

(Houston, February 27, 2018)

Capitol-watchers and the American-Statesman apparently were confused when I ran for this position back in June.
statesman 3
Now (more…)

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