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10/04 3:42 pm

This network is now a part of the AIRNow program used today. Under the Clean Air Act of 1970, the EPA established an index for monitoring air quality. After much research and several updates, (more…)

10/04 3:22 pm

The impending closure of Lacy Lakeview’s filling landfill and general growth in the area loom over Waco’s anticipated closure date for its current site at 1624 Hannah Hill Road. …Read Full (more…)

10/04 2:02 pm

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Wednesday there is an “acute and immediate need” to build border wall in southern Texas, and issued an order … including the Endangered (more…)

10/04 12:52 pm

STARR COUNTY, Texas — The Biden administration announced today that for the first time it will waive environmental, public health and cultural resource protection laws to fast-track construction (more…)

10/04 10:03 am

The effort to update the state’s oilfield waste disposal rules was initiated by Railroad Commissioner Jim Wright, one of the state’s top oil and gas regulators who has investments in the (more…)

10/04 2:02 am

She hopes TCEQ follows through with the EPAs guidelines to combat EtO emissions. “The way (TCEQ) are pressured to do that is if the public speaks up,” Cigarroa said. A May 4 letter from EPA (more…)

10/03 7:32 pm

SECOND EDITING — The Texas Supreme Court will have to weigh both the legal and practical consequences of its attempt to determine the validity of emergency power pricing orders enacted by (more…)

10/03 5:53 pm

The Rio Grande International Study Center and Clean Air Coalition will be hosting a meeting discussing ethylene oxide on Oct. 4 at 6:30 p.m. at the Barbara Fasken Recreation Center as they (more…)

10/03 4:52 pm

The post Marine protected areas are the best hope for the ocean – but only if the protections are real. appeared first on Environment Texas. …Read Full Article

Source: EnvironmentTexas (more…)

10/03 1:02 pm

Congressman Tony Gonzales, who represents a district in southern Texas, said he was focused on migrant crossings … Climate Change Research Act and made key amendments to the Clean Air Act. (more…)

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