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10/04 5:42 pm

The meeting comes ahead of an Oct. 17 public hearing by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) that is reviewing a request by Midwest Sterilization Corp., for an air quality (more…)

10/04 4:52 pm

The Clean Air Laredo Coalition on Wednesday night is holding a neighborhood meeting to inform Laredo residents affected by long-term exposure to … …Read Full Article

Source: BING – TCEQ

10/04 4:33 pm

The Rio Grande International Study Center and Clean Air Laredo Coalition are looking for residents who may have been affected by long-term exposure to ethylene oxide emissions.In preparation (more…)

10/04 3:22 pm

The impending closure of Lacy Lakeview’s filling landfill and general growth in the area loom over Waco’s anticipated closure date for its current site at 1624 Hannah Hill Road. …Read Full (more…)

10/04 2:02 am

She hopes TCEQ follows through with the EPAs guidelines to combat EtO emissions. “The way (TCEQ) are pressured to do that is if the public speaks up,” Cigarroa said. A May 4 letter from EPA (more…)

10/03 5:53 pm

The Rio Grande International Study Center and Clean Air Coalition will be hosting a meeting discussing ethylene oxide on Oct. 4 at 6:30 p.m. at the Barbara Fasken Recreation Center as they (more…)

10/03 8:12 am

A concert venue like this one in California may pop up outside Austin — if it can overcome some opposition. Here’s the latest. …Read Full Article

Source: BING – TCEQ

10/03 7:04 am

There are two churches in the area where they could have easily held them,” said Gutierrez. The TCEQ says the permit renewal process is lengthy and people will have another opportunity to (more…)

10/02 11:35 pm

HOUSTON — A community meeting about a permit for an asphalt company in the Second Ward became heated on Monday night. The east Houston residents were angry and didn’t want the Texas Commission (more…)

10/02 10:33 pm

The meeting was called by a state representative and state senator. They wanted to offer residents a chance to have their questions to be heard and answered by TCEQ officials. During the (more…)

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