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04/18 3:24 pm

A recent Fifth Circuit decision in Majestic Oil v. Lloyd’s of London provides insight into how Texas’ concurrent causation doctrine could affect insurance cases where the cause of damage (more…)

04/17 6:22 pm

A city south of Houston is urging Texas’ high court to review a ruling that partially kept a local man’s lawsuit over an easement alive, arguing the case was time-barred and that “undisputed” (more…)

04/17 6:12 pm

The Texas Supreme Court has declined to hear a dispute over whether a hotel in the town of Shenandoah can run a storm drainage line through the property of a neighboring retirement community (more…)

04/17 3:33 pm

A Texas federal court’s recent ruling in Mieco v. Pioneer Natural Resources USA diminishes the strength of force majeure provisions in industry-standard gas contracts — so parties may want (more…)

04/17 1:13 pm

Prompt action by the Judicial Conference could curtail judge shopping and improve the efficiency and procedural fairness of the federal courts by implementing random districtwide assignment (more…)

04/14 1:22 pm

The state of Texas and several energy companies urged the Fifth Circuit to reject environmental advocacy groups’ attempt to jump into their challenge of the U.S. Environmental Protection (more…)

04/13 5:23 pm

A Houston-area river management agency urged a Texas appeals court to throw out residents’ claims it flooded their property during Hurricane Harvey, arguing there was no evidence that water (more…)

04/12 8:12 pm

On Friday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit dismissed lawsuits filed by Attorney General Greg Abbott and a group of power companies that could have undermined (more…)

04/12 8:12 pm

Following a series of delays in release of the ozone standard, several environmental groups have filed a motion with the DC Circuit Court to compel action from EPA. On August 8, 2011 the (more…)

04/12 8:04 pm

A Texas federal judge ruled this week that a textile firm’s lawsuit against its insurers will not be stayed for an appraisal, finding the company delayed too long by waiting one year after (more…)

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