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04/06 3:20 pm

The Texas Senate has passed a raft of bills aimed at making the state’s electric grid more reliable, including a controversial measure to subsidize construction of backup gas power plants. (more…)

04/03 8:21 pm

Texas land managers’ bid to force the Biden administration to turn over mountains of documents in a lawsuit over a building halt on the southern border wall has been turned down by a federal (more…)

01/23 2:10 pm

San Antonio, Texas – January 23, 2023

Opinion Letter – Author, Alesia Garlock

One family’s love affair with the Historic Park began seventy years ago. The Patriarch of the family, (more…)

07/19 11:09 am

Editorial: Bird Displacement in Brackenridge Park, San San Antonio

Alesia Garlock- Wildlife/Environmental Advocate

Brackenridge Park is listed on the National Register of Historic (more…)

03/07 1:46 pm

150 Chemical Plants in Texas & Louisiana to Benefit from Machine-Learning in Emergency and Environmental Information Processing—Further Improving Communications and Situational Awareness (more…)

03/02 7:41 am

by Paul Deniken – March 2, 2022

Small businesses contribute to Texas’s local character and create economically vibrant communities. If we’re not careful, though, businesses can also (more…)

01/05 11:13 am

Op-Ed by Alesia Garlock

16,237.5 acres make up the City of San Antonio’s Park Properties – almost twenty-five square miles of target area for the USDA’s Wildlife Services (APHIS) to (more…)

09/26 9:39 am

 September 26, 2019

BATON ROUGE, La. – The National Environmental Banking Association (NEBA) has issued recommendations that directors say can help stabilize and strengthen the $4 (more…)

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07/22 9:42 am
July 22, 2019 – Houston, Texas

Artificial intelligence has come to Texas on environmental matters.

Ceres Environmental A.I. is a suite of powerful new A.I. tools designed to help companies, (more…)

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07/22 9:33 am

July 22, 2019

Galveston  Region  —  Development projects in south Texas that have been on hold for lack of access to wetland mitigation credits got good news in July with the release (more…)

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