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May 30 2017

Courage? TCEQ Commissioners?

(Houston) – May 30, 2017 – Letter from the Editor –

Do the TCEQ Commissioners have the courage to tell staff they are wrong when it comes to the need to simplify the regulatory system (link)?

I do.

That’s why I’m running for TCEQ Commissioner.

Jed and Canada 5 (4)

I hope the current TCEQ Commissioners on June 7th have the courage to tell staff that staff’s recommendation to not move in a direction toward regulatory simplification is wrong.  But if the TCEQ Commissioners don’t have this courage, I’m running for TCEQ Commissioner, and I do.  The easiest thing to do is to pay lip service to regulatory simplicity and then dismiss the petition and its ideas.  I won’t.

The environmental and economic opportunities implicit in regulatory simplification are mind-boggling in potential.  If the Commissioners thwart this effort on June 7th, but the people and the Governor want to move in this direction, then I’m confident I will become the next TCEQ Commissioner.  And when I do, if staff do not want to get on board with the idea of moving toward a more simplified system—then they can get off the boat.  I will tolerate dissension, but I will not tolerate complexity.   I will pay staff more, but I will not pay for more complexity.  Done with that.  No more.

Time to climb to new heights.

With simplicity will come better transparency.  With transparency will come better accountability.  The more simple things are, the more everyone understands them.  The more everyone understands them, the better they can comply with them.  It’s that simple.

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