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Mar 07 2022

EnviroAI to Acquire Emerge in 7-Figure Deal to Bolster Environmental & Emergency Information Service

150 Chemical Plants in Texas & Louisiana to Benefit from Machine-Learning in Emergency and Environmental Information Processing—Further Improving Communications and Situational Awareness During Environmental and Emergency Incidents

HOUSTONMarch 7, 2022PRLog — EnviroAI announced today the pending acquisition of Emerge LLC of Louisiana.  Emerge provides emergency communication services to over 150 petrochemical companies and communities in Texas and Louisiana.

“EnviroAI will be a great caretaker to our customers and continue our proud legacy of serving industry and community in the region,” said Dan Heiken, President of Emerge.

Emerge’s internet-based communications platform, “E-Notify, ” has served industrial communities for over 15 years.

“Customers can expect the same great customer service and foundational tool, along with significant machine-learning and other enhancements to help further increase situational awareness and communication during these critical incidents,” said Jed Anderson, CEO of EnviroAI.

EnviroAI uses machine learning and big data to help companies further improve environmental compliance, protection, and performance.

“This is an exciting acquisition for EnviroAI. An incredible company. An incredible mission. An incredible opportunity for service. Our goal with this particular product-line will be to help companies and communities around the world respond and communicate in the best and fastest way possible when emergencies and environmental incidents occur. Better. Faster. Safer. Smarter.”

For more information, visit EnviroAI’s website at https://www.enviro.ai/


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