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Mar 07 2016

Texas Environmental Law Firm Becoming a Profit Center for Clients

Firm continues roll-out of unique “environmental legal products” to increase company profitability. 

HOUSTON – March 7, 2016

AL New LogoSome companies view environmental lawyers as a drain on the budget.  Not any more.

“We’ve found that the growing complexity of environmental law in some ways is actually creating opportunities for our clients” said Jed Anderson, a principal attorney with the firm.

Warren Buffet often points out that he pays a lower tax rate than most Americans.  A primary reason is the complexity of the tax code and the fact that he has experts that know how to navigate the complexity to increase profits and decrease liabilities.  According to a study at Michigan State entitled,  Measuring the Complexity of the Law:  The U.S. Code”, the environmental code is even more complicated than the tax code.  “That means even more potential opportunity for the environmental legal experts at the AL Law Group to assist clients in successfully navigating the growing complexity,” said Anderson.


The  AL Law Group has created four new unique “environmental legal products” to help companies save money, reduce liability, and reinvest in more productive environmental protection efforts where non-productive over-compliance is occurring.   OCELA or “Over-Compliance Environmental Legal Assessment Service shows companies where millions are being spent on over-compliance and provides solutions.  ENPASS or “Expedited New Project Authorization Strategies Service” uses legal strategies to help identify and obtain authorizations as soon as possible.  ASLER or “Agency Submittal Legal Review Service” provides an affordable legal review mechanism to help companies reduce liability and cost in agency submissions. And IHEC or “In-House Environmental Counsel Service” provides clients with part-time in-house environmental legal counsel either on-location or off-location.

Legal Products“For years environmental attorneys have been viewed by some as the ‘no you can’t do that people’.  We are reversing that perception.  We are becoming profit centers for companies while still helping companies reduce liability and reinvest in more productive environmental efforts.  “It’s just been a win-win-win.”

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