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May 13 2016

Environmental Product Poised to Save Companies Millions and Months for New Projects

Houston – May 13, 2016

Jed Anderson of the AL Law Group unveiled “ENPASS” yesterday at the inaugural economic development event of the Economic Alliance Port Region.

“ENPASS is a game-changer,” said Anderson.  It’s a single solution to securing authorizations.

jed - alliance lunch(1)“Before companies even decide they need a permit, we want them to think ENPASS,” said Anderson.  “We can show companies strategies to potentially avoid months of waiting and millions of dollars in legal and consulting fees.”

Laws cannot be circumvented said Anderson, but exemptions and applicability thresholds for example were developed for a reason.  Anderson compared it to paying taxes.  Many people claim exemptions for dependents and donations.  Finding and claiming these exemptions does not mean that a person is defrauding the government of its rightful money.  Exemptions and applicability thresholds were created by lawmakers for a reason said Anderson.  Moreover, it’s not a crime to understand the tax code better than your neighbor.  Evaluating environmental exemptions and thresholds however can be tricky, complicated, and fraught with legal peril.  Environmental laws are even more complicated than tax laws.  In fact, U.S. environmental laws are said to be the most complicated laws in human history.

“Those who best understand these complicated environmental laws and exemptions can best position themselves for economic opportunity,” said Anderson.   “We do not see complexity as an impediment at the AL Law Group.”  “We see it as opportunity.”  “Complexity is an opportunity to unleash the power of  simplicity in our client’s lives to decrease costs, reduce authorization times, simplify compliance, and allow companies to reinvest resources in more productive environmental improvement efforts.”

“Hopefully some day environmental laws will become simple,” Anderson said.  “This will be beautiful day for both the environment and business.  Until that day however . . . the unharvested opportunities to utilize simplicity in the application, interpretation, and the everyday environmental lives of our clients is almost breathtaking.”

“ENPASS is the first of its kind,” said Anderson.  It’s a one-key solution.  Companies no longer need to struggle with who they should call and what they need for a new project.  They can just think ENPASS.  “We put a strategy together, a team together, and then execute a plan with the goal to secure authorizations as quickly and inexpensively as possible”, said Anderson.

“Unleashing the power of simplicity has been a refreshing approach to new projects and our client’s daily environmental lives.   It’s a new way of thinking and problem solving in this arena, but people are starting to gravitate to this new approach . . . and we have never had more fun practicing law.”

To request a copy of yesterday’s presentation, requests can be sent to info@allawgp.com.   More information on ENPASS is also available on the firm’s website at www.allawgp.com.








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