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Hundreds stop traffic in Serbia in protest against government's environmental stances

Hundreds of protesters blocked roads and bridges in the Serbian [...]

10:16 pm, Nov 27, 2021

Hill E2 Wire Blog

Southern California utilities restoring power after outages to reduce fire risk

Two southern California utility companies are restoring power after purposely [...]

08:37 pm, Nov 26, 2021

Hill E2 Wire Blog

Showing gratitude for bees this Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 23, 2021 Many Thanksgiving favorites [...]

09:15 pm, Nov 23, 2021

EnvironmentTexas Org

Build Back Better Act to supercharge clean energy growth in Texas

On Friday, November 19th, the US House of Representatives passed [...]

06:54 pm, Nov 19, 2021

EnvironmentTexas Org

Watch Out Almonds! Pecans Aim to Displace America’s Nut

This is a story of two nuts: the almond and [...]

04:39 pm, Nov 11, 2015

NPR Texas Enviro

Obama Rejected Keystone XL, But Crude Flows Through Southern Part of Project

President Obama’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline provoked cheers [...]

05:39 pm, Nov 09, 2015

NPR Texas Enviro

11/11 6:16 pm

Welcome to Thursday’s Overnight Energy & Environment, your source for the latest news focused on energy, the environment and beyond. […]

11/11 4:15 pm

One of the EPA’s senior air quality officials said Thursday that the agency is exploring adding supplements to its methane […]

11/11 3:56 pm

I am pleased to welcome this highly accomplished group to the partnership and wish them continued success at Perkins Coie.” […]

11/11 1:45 pm

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) expressed opposition to a provision in Democrats’ climate and social spending bill that would give additional […]

11/11 12:36 pm

Exposure to extreme heat has tripled from 1983 to 2016 and now impacts roughly a quarter of the world’s population, […]

11/11 7:36 am

Saudi Arabia energy minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman al Saud on Thursday said that his country has not attempted to block […]

11/11 6:15 am

Air pollution is impacting the Borderland. What does it take for two countries, two cities and three states to improve […]

11/11 6:15 am

Air pollution is impacting the Borderland. What does it take for two countries, two cities and three states to improve […]

11/10 10:15 pm

A new investigative report suggested a troubling risk for cancer in one South Mississippi community, and the risk is tied […]

11/10 6:55 pm

A Michigan judge approved a $626 million settlement for thousands of people in Flint, Mich. whose water was contaminated with lead, […]

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