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Texas drought has deepened amid this year’s brutal heat

After a long summer of extreme heat, Texas has been [...]

10:00 am, Oct 02, 2023

Texas Tribune - Energy Environment

Watch Out Almonds! Pecans Aim to Displace America’s Nut

This is a story of two nuts: the almond and [...]

04:39 pm, Nov 11, 2015

NPR Texas Enviro

Obama Rejected Keystone XL, But Crude Flows Through Southern Part of Project

President Obama’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline provoked cheers [...]

05:39 pm, Nov 09, 2015

NPR Texas Enviro

09/11 11:43 am

The work begins Sept. 11 to rebuild curbs along Mesa Street, starting at Sunland Park Drive. It will result in […]

09/11 9:22 am

That more extensive phase took almost two years — from April 2020 to January 2022 — and stretched from Sunland […]

09/11 6:12 am

The lawsuits may strike out at the D.C. Circuit. Only one judge hearing the three auto cases this week is […]

09/11 5:23 am

Locals worried two proposed concrete batch plants could upend the small rural community of New Sweden are asking the state […]

09/11 5:03 am

The far-right congressman from Friendswood worries that the caucus’ demands to stave off a government shutdown are threatening Texas projects. […]

09/11 3:23 am

Chip Roy, R-Texas, has been downplaying the impact of a government … and the ban on gas-powered cars would likely […]

09/10 12:02 am

All Tyler Water Utilities customers were asked to boil their water on Friday after e. coli was found while testing […]

09/09 3:02 pm

The Odessa American is the leading source of local news, information, entertainment and sports for the Permian Basin. …Read Full […]

09/08 10:42 pm

A large coalition of industry groups are calling on the Biden administration to rescind its recent proposal to tighten air-quality […]

09/08 9:24 pm

ValleyCentral continues to follow an investigation into the Milwhite Mining Plant in Brownsville after residents say they are living under […]

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