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Offshore drilling puts endangered and undiscovered species at risk

The post Offshore drilling puts endangered and undiscovered species at [...]

09:20 pm, Oct 04, 2023

EnvironmentTexas Org

Texas drought has deepened amid this year’s brutal heat

After a long summer of extreme heat, Texas has been [...]

10:00 am, Oct 02, 2023

Texas Tribune - Energy Environment

Watch Out Almonds! Pecans Aim to Displace America’s Nut

This is a story of two nuts: the almond and [...]

04:39 pm, Nov 11, 2015

NPR Texas Enviro

Obama Rejected Keystone XL, But Crude Flows Through Southern Part of Project

President Obama’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline provoked cheers [...]

05:39 pm, Nov 09, 2015

NPR Texas Enviro

09/28 1:43 pm

Stitzlein established operations in Wooster and also opened a facility in Conroe, Texas. His extensive resume in the industry also […]

09/28 1:13 pm

22, giving the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) up to 60 days to review the results and clear the […]

09/28 1:13 pm

All Georgetown water utility customers will be on a one-day-per-week watering schedule, and the western portion of customers is moving […]

09/28 1:13 pm

The new Brooks Ghost Max has a GlideRoll Rocker technology that promotes smooth heel-toe transitions. This shoe is ideal for […]

09/28 12:42 pm

The Southside Water Treatment Plant passed initial regulatory testing Sept. 22, giving the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) up […]

09/28 11:55 am

WASHINGTON – A Microsoft executive testified on Thursday that Apple and other smartphone makers turned down revenue sharing agreements that […]

09/28 11:23 am

The International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers, Transportation Division (SMART-TD) and BNSF Railway have reached a […]

09/28 7:54 am

Emails suggested Mandy Talbot had suggested dealing with a subpostmistress by saying: ‘How much to go away and keep your […]

09/28 6:23 am

Houston community leaders are pushing back against a company’s effort to build a concrete crushing plant across the street from […]

09/28 5:12 am

Residents are being urged to close their windows after a fire broke out in Sheffield this morning. Firecrews have been […]

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