The AL Law Group continues to gain attention for its new innovative approaches to environmental legal services

“The world is changing so quickly right now”, said Jed Anderson a principal attorney with the firm.  “It’s affording great opportunities for people thinking creatively about how they can provide value to their clients in new exciting ways.


  • ALG’s new “ENPASS” service is designed to help clients obtain environmental authorizations quicker.
  • ALG’s new “IHEC” service is a hybrid approach between in-house and external environmental counsel services that allows companies to customize their legal needs and budget.
  • ALG’s new “ASLER” service provides an affordable legal review service to help reduce liability and costs associated with permit, regulatory, and other agency submittals.
  • ALG’s new “OCELA” service shows companies where over-compliance is occurring and helps companies reduce costs, decrease liability, and reinvest in more productive environmental improvement efforts.

“It is a dynamic new world” said Anderson, “Change is happening so quickly right now.  Almost over-night it’s creating opportunities that we hadn’t thought of the day before.  The AL Law Group is excited to be out there in this new world providing new ideas and new ways to help our clients increase profitability and decrease liability in the area of environmental legal services.  It’s just plain fun.”

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