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05/04 4:22 pm

Houston (May 4, 2016) –Environmental law expert, Jed Anderson of the AL Law Group, will help economic development professionals and business and industry leaders answer a critical business(more…)

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03/23 9:18 pm

Houston (March 23, 2016) – The AL Law Group attorneys have been attracting attention recently for a specialized slate of affordable environmental legal services customized for client needs. (more…)

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03/03 8:09 am

A Texas environmental law firm creates a new service, Agency Submittal Legal Review, to provide an affordable legal review process to reduce unnecessary costs and legal liabilities in agency (more…)

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02/25 10:51 am

Law firm finds Texas industry spends millions over-complying with morass of environmental laws.

Houston – February 25, 2016

Texas industry is spending millions of dollars “over-complying” (more…)

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02/24 1:48 pm

Texas law firm finds many companies “over-complying” with environmental laws.

Houston – February 24, 2016

Texas industry is spending millions of dollars “over-complying” with environmental (more…)

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