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05/18 5:46 am

Three politicians stood in front of residents from Fifth Ward and Kashmere Gardens and promised to help persuade Union Pacific to do more to clean up the longstanding toxic contamination (more…)

05/17 2:16 pm

The City of Corpus Christi is experiencing increased particle pollution due to seasonal burning activities in Mexico and Central America. Depending on the intensity and coverage of the lingering (more…)

05/17 12:36 pm

A plume of Saharan Dust is also expected to move into the Gulf this weekend, with noticeable impacts Sunday through Monday, further impacting the air quality in the area, official … (more…)

05/16 11:47 am

Shelton Services David Diamond, JR and Patrick Greer share information on their service offering with Joel Curl of Nature Environmental and Marine Services. BIC’s Laurie Tangedahl and Toni (more…)

05/16 6:36 am

One year after announcing an environmental justice initiative, the state agency leading the charge has no apparent budget for the effort and has suppressed virtually any mention of the term (more…)

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