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10/03 5:46 pm

After a controversial U.S. Supreme Court term that featured a milestone decision to reverse Roe vs. Wade, justices begin oral arguments in … …Read Full Article

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10/03 11:56 am

The Texas Power Podcast from Renewable Energy World debuts on … He was familiar with kind of how the emissions trading programs had gone at the EPA under his father and the Clean Air Act (more…)

10/03 9:16 am

The case comes months after the Supreme Court ruled the Environmental Protection Agency overstepped its authority in the Clean Air Act, and sharply reduced its ability to reduce emissions. (more…)

10/03 1:57 am

Supreme Court’s new term should bring constitutional clarity on affirmative action, voting and religious rights, as far left turns up the heat on justices. …Read Full Article

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10/02 8:06 am

The EPA recently reversed its original position on the project and said Bluewater Texas Terminal would have to meet more stringent standards. …Read Full Article

Source: BING – Clean Air (more…)

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