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09/18 9:27 pm

For 45 years, Alaska has lived a charmed fiscal life. It has reaped billions in taxes from oil and gas companies, revenue it uses to shift the burden for running the government away from (more…)

09/18 10:26 am

A 4.3 magnitude earthquake shook the Los Angeles area Friday night. The earthquake struck in Carson, Calif., at approximately 8 p.m. local time, according to information from the U.S. Geological (more…)

09/17 5:46 pm

Welcome to Friday’s Overnight Energy & Environment, your source for the latest news focused on energy, the environment and beyond. Subscribe here: thehill.com/newsletter-signup.Today (more…)

09/17 2:57 pm

The Interior Department will restore the Washington, D.C., headquarters for the Bureau of Land Management, which was moved to Colorado during the Trump administration, and will also maintain (more…)

09/17 2:45 pm

A new fact check by The Associated Press said President Biden made inaccurate remarks with his recent comments on job growth and gasoline prices.Biden on Thursday took credit for creating (more…)

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