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08/23 3:56 pm

SpiritEnvironmentalTony Barlage is the Program Director for the Rocky Mountain Region based in Spirit Environmental’s Denver, Colorado office. Tony brings with him over 12 years of experience in environmental (more…)

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07/13 8:28 am

Now there’s a tool for that . . .

(Houston) – July 13, 2016

Industry is spending millions of dollars unnecessarily over-complying with complicated environmental procedural laws, (more…)

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06/15 4:05 pm

An eForm that supports advanced data analytics and continual improvement planning expedites a process pioneered by a Texas law firm to Identify cost-saving options in compliance management (more…)

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05/06 3:45 pm

Houston (May 6, 2016) – AL Law Group attorney Keith Lapeze secured a potentially far-reaching appellate court decision today that helps protect environmental managers and employees from personal (more…)

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05/04 4:22 pm

Houston (May 4, 2016) –Environmental law expert, Jed Anderson of the AL Law Group, will help economic development professionals and business and industry leaders answer a critical business(more…)

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