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09/14 11:15 am

“I think we fared well,” said one official in Matagorda County, where Nicholas made landfall as a category 1 hurricane early Tuesday morning. …Read Full Article

Source: Texas Tribune – (more…)

09/13 5:56 pm

We’re tracking the latest as the storm threatens to inundate parts of the Gulf Coast and the Houston area with heavy rainfall. …Read Full Article

Source: Texas Tribune – Energy Environment

09/10 12:16 pm

The new law may soon be in conflict with federal regulators. A decision from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on one company’s license could come as early as Monday. …Read Full Article (more…)

08/23 2:46 pm

A failed regular session bill sought to give a financial break to a West Texas nuclear waste disposal company. Now, lawmakers have removed what opponents called a giveaway, and are again (more…)

08/16 2:06 pm

The state plans to use past weather data to craft rules for power plant upgrades. Scientists warn that the accelerating effects of climate change make relying on old data alone insufficient. (more…)

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