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05/25 5:42 pm

Texas parks officials said they are taking “all necessary steps” to purchase the land and save Fairfield Lake State Park from being turned into a luxury gated community and golf course. …Read (more…)

05/25 2:54 pm

One to four of those storms could be Category 3 or higher, meaning they will have wind speeds of at least 111 miles per hour. …Read Full Article

Source: Texas Tribune – Energy Environment

05/25 5:04 am

The biggest barriers to making Texas’ power grid 100% renewable have little to do with politics. …Read Full Article

Source: Texas Tribune – Energy Environment

05/23 2:43 pm

The bill would direct Texas agencies to not enforce federal regulations on the oil industry if there’s not a similar state regulation. But it likely wouldn’t apply to most federal environmental (more…)

05/21 6:02 pm

Lawmakers are trying hard to come up with an agreement on how to replace an embattled 20-year tax abatement program for big companies that expired in December. …Read Full Article

Source: (more…)

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