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Feb 27 2018

TCEQ Commissioner Job is Opening:

Jed Anderson says . . . “I’m running”

(Houston, February 27, 2018)

Capitol-watchers and the American-Statesman apparently were confused when I ran for this position back in June.
statesman 3
Now that a position will be opening, there should no longer be any confusion.

I am running for TCEQ Commissioner.

I submitted my application to the Governor’s office.  Below is a letter of support from RJed - commissionepresentative Dan Huberty.

Big changes are happening at EPA.  Big changes must also happen at TCEQ.  The regulatory system must become simpler.  Bold leadership is needed.  It will be a difficult and painful climb up this new mountain.  But if we have the courage and the tenaciousness to endure, the environmental and economic opportunities awaiting us under a simplified 21st century approach to environmental protection will be breath-taking, or I should say breath-giving, and a boon to Texas industry.

That day is around the corner.  We as Texans must lead, not follow.  Texas was built by a group of independent-minded, strong-willed, get-it-done kind of people—and that’s what this new frontier requires.  The regulatory thickets are thick and over-grown.    A new path must be cleared.  Texas leadership is needed–and it can’t be led by just a commissioner.  It must be led by the commissioned.

Texas and the U.S. Clean Air Act

Toward this end, and knowing that leaders must be willing to lead from the fThe Clean Air Act of 2018 - v4ront, I have re-written the U.S. Clean Air Act.  Texas under my leadership will take the national lead in this effort and other efforts to modernize federal environmental laws that often dictate state law.   The resulting Clean Air Act will not look exactly like how I’ve re-written it (it will be a product of the commissioned, not a commissioner).  But I have laid the foundations upon which a simpler system can be built that reduces more pollution at less cost.

Actions as TCEQ Commissioner

Below are the specific actions I will pursue in the development of a simpler and more effective 21st century Texas regulatory system:

  1. a 25% cut in the TCEQ budget
  • The federal government is pursuing even larger cuts.  A simpler regulatory system will not require as much money or regulators to operate.
  1. 50% regulatory simplification
  • Use new technology and creative legal strategies to begin consolidating and simplifying the regulatory system.  A first step will be to implement a rule that reduces rulemaking similar to President Trump’s “2 regulations out for every 1 in” policy.  Again, knowing that leaders must be willing to lead from the front, I have already submitted such a framework to the State of Texas in a “petition for rulemaking”.
  1. a 25% increase in TCEQ employee pay
  • TCEQ employees are not being paid enough. Additional compensation is needed to help retain and attract the best workforce—especially with the challenge of creating a new simplified environmental regulatory system to better serve the State of Texas as we move forward in a rapidly evolving 21st century world.


Please send a letter of support to the Governor.  I should not be the emphasis of this letter.  The emphasis should be on the opportunity before us to start down the path toward a simpler and more results-oriented system to better serve Texas as we move further into the 21st century.

Huberty letter

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