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Jun 05 2017

TCEQ to Decide Fate of Effort to Simplify the Texas Regulatory System

(Houston) – June 5, 2017 – Note from the Editor

Will TCEQ choose to incorporate regulatory self-discipline into their lives on Wednesday . . . or choose the path of business as usual?

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TCEQ will decide the fate of regulatory simplicity this Wednesday at 9:30.



Anyone ever want to try a new behavior?

Did it work to keep telling yourself you’re going to change next time, or did you need to incorporate a system of self-discipline into your life?  Did it work to blame others for your problems and rely on them to fix you, or did you need to take responsibility for your own actions to the extent possible?

TCEQ’s behavioral history is that it creates more and more rules—and the rules become more and more complicated.  TCEQ can’t just blame EPA. That doesn’t work. The only way to change our behavior is to accept responsibility for ourselves and incorporate self-discipline and an accountability system into our own lives.

Think about our own personal lives. We can’t pay lip-service to new behaviors and simplicity and then expect them to change.  Simplicity requires a huge amount of self-discipline.  If we want to try a new way of living, but are unwilling to incorporate self-discipline into our daily lives in a very hard and programmatic way, we are doomed to repeat the same behavior.

Time for a new behavior.  And it’s gonna feel so good.

With simplicity will come better transparency.  With transparency will come better accountability.  The more simple things are, the more everyone understands them.  The more everyone understands them, the better they can comply with them.  It’s that simple.

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