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Nov 17 2016

Texas Law Firm Transforms the Practice of Environmental Law

From issue-based to solutions-based, this isn’t your grandpa’s law firm

KINGWOOD, TexasNov. 17, 2016 – Recently, the AL Law Group unveiled their new brand and organizational strategy and blueprint for an unusual approach to practicing environmental law.

crowdIn addition to offering traditional legal services, the AL Law Group now offers transdisciplinary and investment services.

“Solving problems in the 21st century often requires experts from different disciplines working jointly to create new conceptual, translational, and methodological innovations that integrate and move beyond discipline-specific approaches.” said Jed Anderson, Principal Attorney at AL Law Group.

That is why the AL Law Group has developed a new legal platform.  This new “Innovative Environmental Solutions” approach provides diversity in practice and thinking.

Michelle Hundley, who provides governmental affairs and communications support to group clients commented, “Our group can provide a multi-layer approach to any environmentally related issue. From traditional litigation and environmental consulting services to government relations support and stakeholder communications, we have a talented team to address the entirety of an issue, not just one aspect.”

In addition to offering traditional legal services, the group has also expanded into providing their clients with advantageous investment opportunities with an environmental twist.

“Along with providing our traditional environmental legal services, we have created a separate, independent, environmental investment company called AL Environmental Holdings, LLC.” said Keith Lapeze, Principal with the AL Law Group.

“Many investment opportunities have been presenting themselves in complex environmental arenas, and so, we are reaching out to clients and potential clients to offer the chance to participate in investing financial and intellectual capital, while we provide the legal knowledge and skills to further develop these opportunities for our clients and our region.”


The AL Law Group is an innovative environmental solutions firm. The goal of the firm is to find the best, simplest, and lowest cost solution for clients in the increasingly-complicated, ever-changing 21st century world—expanding economic opportunities for clients wherever they can. – See more at: http://www.allawgp.com/

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