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Dec 08 2016

Trump’s Clean Air Act?

(Houston, Texas) – December 20, 2016

trump2President-elect Donald Trump has committed to reducing regulation by 70%.

The Clean Air Act uses the word “shall” over 3,000 times.  That means it is actually Congress, not EPA, requiring the “shall-ing.”  The President-elect therefore has no alternative but to change the Clean Air Act if he intends to achieve his goal.

“It’s completely do-able” , said Jed Anderson an environmental attorney and former Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Houston Law School.  “In fact, I’ve already re-written the Act in a way that reduces regulatory requirements by 50-75% . . . while at the same time jed-the-power-created-by-simplifying-the-clean-2improving air quality.”

Anderson said the key was simplicity.  “The Clean Air Act is so complex that if you start looking for simplicities. . .the opportunities are almost breathtaking.”  Anderson went on to say, “Essentially I just applied the scientific method to the Clean Air Act–using heuristics, parsimony, and other scientific techniques to help identify the over-arching simplicities.”

For an overview of the new 21st century Clean Air Act, click here.  For the text, click here.



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