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01/23 7:35 pm

A salt cavern excavator and a royalty owner both urged the Texas Supreme Court to review their case after an appellate panel largely affirmed a decision that left the royalty owner unsatisfied (more…)

01/23 5:18 pm

A Texas federal court dismissed a $1.3 billion tax dispute at the request of the oil company that brought it after ExxonMobil lost a similar case in the Fifth Circuit last year. …Read Full (more…)

01/23 2:10 pm

San Antonio, Texas – January 23, 2023

Opinion Letter – Author, Alesia Garlock

One family’s love affair with the Historic Park began seventy years ago. The Patriarch of the family, (more…)

01/20 2:16 pm

Environmental and community groups on Thursday challenged the U.S. Department of Transportation’s approval of a proposed offshore oil export terminal on the Texas Gulf Coast, claiming it’s (more…)

01/19 5:55 pm

Exxon Mobil Corp. told the Texas Supreme Court that two oil developers must repay it $71 million for settling environmental lawsuits linked to the pair buying Louisiana mineral rights and (more…)

01/19 5:46 pm

A Miami-based real estate investment company said American Risk Insurance Co. Inc. owes between $3.5 million and $9 million for its “haphazard and unreasonable” handling of its claim for (more…)

01/18 7:46 pm

Texas and several industry groups leaped into court Wednesday to challenge the Biden administration’s new rule defining the scope of the Clean Water Act on the same day the rule was published (more…)

01/12 5:16 pm

Valero Energy agreed to drop its bid for a nearly $408 million tax refund involving fuel mixture excise tax credits following a Fifth Circuit decision that sided with the government in a (more…)

01/11 8:55 pm

A marine construction company told the Texas Supreme Court that a trial court didn’t abuse its discretion by authorizing a forensic inspection of a water utility company’s electronic devices (more…)

01/10 7:37 pm

A Texas oil company asked a federal court Tuesday to dismiss its $1.3 billion tax case, citing Exxon Mobil Corp.’s loss in a similar case in the Fifth Circuit last summer, which will stand (more…)

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