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07/06 5:46 pm

Texas says the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency overstepped its authority by retroactively issuing a deadline for the El Paso area to reduce its ozone levels, and wants a federal court (more…)

07/05 2:26 am

By Elena Craft, PhDOn Friday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit dismissed lawsuits filed by Attorney General Greg Abbott and a group of power companies that could (more…)

07/05 2:26 am

By Elena Craft, PhDFollowing a series of delays in release of the ozone standard, several environmental groups have filed a motion with the DC Circuit Court to compel action from EPA. On (more…)

06/30 3:36 pm

Volkswagen and Audi told the Texas Supreme Court that the state shouldn’t be allowed to pick other judges to consider petitions accusing the German automakers of violating state anti-tampering (more…)

06/28 6:55 pm

A cohort of environmental groups petitioned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday to require Texas’ environmental regulator to increase public participation and consider environmental (more…)

06/28 5:36 pm

A year into implementation of Texas’ Lone Star Infrastructure Protection Act, Jennifer Pier at Husch Blackwell discusses how renewable energy project developers, owners and investors planning (more…)

06/27 3:05 pm

A trio of advocacy groups are claiming Texas transportation officials improperly divided a plan to overhaul sections of Interstate 35 into three standalone portions to avoid a full review (more…)

06/24 12:56 pm

The Texas Supreme Court on Friday hit pause on a lawsuit that asked it to decide whether German car companies Volkswagen AG and Audi AG have enough connections to Texas to be sued over alleged (more…)

06/22 2:26 pm

The owners of a proposed temporary nuclear waste storage facility in the Permian Basin on Tuesday defended the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s approval of the project, telling the D.C. (more…)

06/21 7:06 pm

A Texas bankruptcy court judge on Tuesday approved energy-sector inspection service Cypress Environmental Partners’ $60 million debt-for-equity Chapter 11 plan, newly revised to free up more (more…)

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